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We are very proud to present to you our new Patented Product “QUICK BIB®”.

It is the only easy, practical and convenient way to protect you from simple splashes, spills, stains and crumbs. No reaching behind the neck to fasten, tie, snap or Velcro.

Everyone from toddlers to those in assisted living and nursing homes has a need for them. Anyone with physical challenges will enjoy the ease of independently putting on their clothing protector. Children in day care centers can personalize them with fabric paints and use them at snack time. They can be personalized for parents and grandparents as gifts. Women can use them to protect their clothing while applying their make-up.

How often do we eat and drink while driving or riding in a car?

When you use your imagination, the “QUICK BIB®” application possibilities are endless!

This unique product has a special composite ring in the collar that will maintain its shape yet be flexible enough to place the bib on your neck with ease. Injection molding provides top quality rings with a long lasting memory for shape and comfort.

Our standard bibs come in a variety of colors and are constructed of Terry Cloth with Vinyl Backing and Crumb Catchers.

The “QUICK BIB®” comes in 4 sizes:

Small = 12”, medium = 14”, large = 16”, and X-large = 18”.

The larger the neck size, the larger the Bib. Shoulder width matches the neck size. (18” neck = 18” shoulder coverage.) Length ranges from 19” to 27” long.

We welcome your e-mail comments. info@quickbib.net

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Buy your QuickBib and enjoy your meal without wearing it!

The Only Patented Clothing Protector That Provides Protection Without Reaching Behind Your Head to Secure.