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Easy On, Easy Off


Quick Bib®: Easy and Practical Clothing Covers for Everyone

When you need a high-quality cloth protector for both kids and adults, choose Quick Bib®! It’s one of the safest and most convenient ways to avoid splashes, spills, and crumbs on your garments. Made from unique materials, this product can be used with minimal effort. Anyone above the age of 5 can easily put it on during meals or snack time.

Hassle-Free Care

The Quick Bib® is designed to be machine washable and dryer safe, so there isn’t much work needed when it comes to cleaning it. However, you must not use bleach in washing the product to avoid damage and discoloration.

NO ties. NO snaps. NO Velcro.
NO reaching behind the neck.
Just spread the ring and slide it on.


Quick Bib® Offers

  • Flexible, durable collar ring
  • Easy for adults with limited motion
  • Children and adults can help themselves
  • Safe and convenient for assisted living
  • Cost savings/minimized staff assistance
  • Personalize/decorate as activity project
  • Protection while driving or flying
  • Restaurant use for special entrée
  • Soft terry cloth with vinyl
  • Two colors and three sizes


  • Broken snaps, ties, and clogged Velcro
  • Reaching around your neck
  • Waiting for help and diminishing dignity
  • Cumbersome on/off for staff or resident
  • Time spent in preparation before/after meals
  • Doldrums from just an ordinary bib
  • Reaching the destination stained
  • Tucking napkin in shirt or blouse
  • Soak through from ordinary bibs
  • One size fits all

Areas We Serve

Our products are available to customers all over the country, including those in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. For more details, please reach out to us.